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Set up your future with a well planned out portfolio of digital assets.

At Empowered Media Solutions we help you prepare for the future of technology and digital data.

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The Estate


Your website is crucial for people to research you and get to know you better. A website is a home base where you can inform people of your products and give them peace of mind that you are a reputable company. It also can be where people can connect to your other social platforms, sign up for your blog, and get updates for events and even contact you through email.


Once the foundation is built then the walls and living spaces are built in an open floor plan where the main rooms are connected and people can easily be transported to other media platforms. It is here when the design is able to flow from one asset to another seamlessly and is congruent with the real world brand.


The results are up to you. We listen to you and do a deep dive into what your goals are for your digital assets. It may be that you want more sales, more followers, a simpler more easy to update site, a traffic converter, or a funnel. We are driven by getting results in the areas that you are focusing on.

Is your website like this old house? Great!!!

If so we will redesign it for free!*

If you are reading this then your website is ugly, old and outdated. If your website has been updated within the last few years then it is basically obsolete. With the emergence of AI and the updating of your favorite search engines algorithm, if you are not moving to reshape your online presence then you are falling behind.

This house was once a luxurious place to live and now it is just a place to squat for the homeless. Your website can be a place of luxury and be an asset to your business. Book a free consultation and find out how we can turn your ugly digital property into a beautiful asset!

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Search Engine Optimization

Imagine having this car and you look under the hood and there is no engine!

Having a website without SEO is like having a muscle car with no horses under the hood!

Now imagine that your car has a hamster for an engine!

The old ways of doing SEO is like having a hamster running on a wheel turning the axles.

This is your car with

Empowered Media Solutions

Luxury meets sport and design meets speed. Your digital asset can now be seen on the information superhighway and that is not all that we do.

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Copy Writing with HI and AI

Quantum Linguistics and Hypnosis

Our copywriting is not just any normal writing style. We are experts in linguistics and hypnosis in order to speak to the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of the brain that thinks logically and directs us in making decisions. It accounts for 10% of the functions of the brain. The unconscious mind is a super computer that takes the information in at a deeper level. It accounts for the rest and is connected to higher consciousness. HI is Human Intelligence! We are able to speak to your customer avatar at a deeper level by using HI with AI to create more conversions leading to sales.

Our Services

Website Design/Redesign

We will design your website with a non coding platform for free when you sign up for an SEO package. Search Engine Optimization is what allows Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find your website and show it to the right people.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your client’s online presence organically. Increase real-world profits. Compete online by moving websites higher in local search rankings.

Pay Per Click

Advertise local businesses at the top of Google’s search page with Paid Ads. Turn searches into conversions for your client’s business..

Will require an advertising budget that is not included with the packages

Content Strategy

Our team will create a content strategy that will increase the analytics that you are targeting. We do this by setting goals and doing weekly calls to guide you along the way.

Content Management

Once a strategy is in place we will set up the systems that make content easier to post and manage. It is a do with process where the client supplies the content and we create the systems to make it easy to post consistently.

Social Media

Social Media presence is must to connect with today's world. As an efficient and interactive medium, our marketing plans can help create your brand id...


Our team will create custom photography that show cases the beauty of your products and people who work on your team.


Video is the number one way to allow your audience to get familiar with you and your brand. We do professional video marketing to increase your brands awareness and to educate your customers on your products and services.

Live Streaming

We do event live streaming in order to document your event and include viewers from all over the globe. The content created can be used for future events and will add to the awareness of your brand.

Free Website Consultation

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*The website is free with the purchase of an SEO package.

The company values a strong commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions, prioritizing customer satisfaction, fostering a creative and collaborative work environment, and embracing continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations.

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